All the goodness of pure coconut oil, formulated in Hawaii by nature. Our products do not have added fragrances and are Paraben free.

Safe for Kids

Ative Lifestyle

Healthy Skin

Wherever you may be, never fear about mosquitoes, flies and fleas.

Enjoy life with your family and friends and be happy.



12 oz Value Size for People

Mosquito Spray

3.3 oz for People

Mosquito Spray

8 oz for Your Pets

Flies and Fleas

Bloc 12oz bottle Mosquito Spray
Bloc 3.3oz( 100ml) Mosquito Spray
Bloc Bug Shield 8 oz

Stop Ants


Safe to spray around food... no lingrening odor...natural similar to salt


Coconut oil hides the scent that the ant leave behind.... Sodium teraborate gets into their joints.


Bloc Stop Ants 12 oz


Tom Dancu - Creator

Living on the Big Island I learned to respect nature and utilize the powers of natural good. That nature can protect better than chemicals.  We can’t really trust Big Companies and their lies about their chemicals.  The largest organ you have is your skin.  Why use a chemical DEET which is found in most Mosquito repellent.


Bloc is formulated in Hawaii using the goodness of Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and lavender to block bites.

Coconut oil is well known for promoting health skin.


Why do mosquito repellents have to stink and offend others.  Bloc is low fragrance you will like it.  IT WORKS!


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