Bloc Mosquito Repellent.... NO DEET Works Great!

Handcrafted in Hawaii

Organic All Natural Ingredients

Melissa P.. I love your mosquito repellent product and it's the only thing that I can use on my sensitive skin. The best part is it actually works!

Meliss P

your repellent really works - used it on the Cultural Hike in the jungle on Molokai the other day with great results!!

Cynthia S

#1 Seller  All Natural

3.3 oz can take on plane, hiking, and in purse. The essential oils are the protection.

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All Natural 

Made with the Goodness of Coconut Oil. Smells Great, Works Great!

On Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai

Our Passion Statement

Our passion is discovering the goodness of nature for a healthier lifestyle..

That some things were passed along From generation to generation instead of formulated in a laboratory.

That some cultures explored and knew solutions before there was telephone, electricity and Internet.

Creating a cooperative work environment with Fair and decent wages.

About Us

Tom Dancu

store owner

Living on the Big Island I learned to respect nature and utilize the powers of Nature good. That Nature can protect too.

 We can’t really trust Big Companies and their lies about their chemicals. The largest organ you have is your skin. Why use a chemical DEET which is found in most Mosquito repellent.

Bloc is handcrafted in Hawaii using the goodness of peppermint oil, Coconut, vanilla,to block bites.

Coconut oil is well known for promoting health skin.

Why do mosquito repellents have to stink and offend others. Bloc smells Great!  You will like it. IT WORKS!